Sunday, 30 October 2011

John Garstang in Blackburn

Last Saturday (October 22nd) saw the opening of the second leg of the touring exhibition "From Egypt's Sands to Northern Hills: John Garstang's Excavations in Egypt" at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, after a successful first leg at Kendal Museum. The layout of the exhibition is subtly different to the first leg at Kendal, and so even if you did make it to Kendal it is definitely worth your while visiting the second leg in Blackburn to gain insight into Garstang's excavations and into the social history of Egyptian excavations during the early 20th Century. 

The exhibition will remain in Blackburn until March 16th 2012, when it will move on to Towneley Hall, Burnley where it is due to open on March 24th. Any feedback you have on the exhibition so far, whether in Kendal or Blackburn, would be very much appreciated.

View of the exhibition at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery
(Photo: Claire Ollett).

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