Monday, 27 February 2012

Website of the Week: Digitisation of Davies Theban Tomb tracings

This is my first 'Website of the Week' for a while due partly to fieldwork commitments and to my encroaching Ph.D deadline, but I'd like to kick-start it again with a link to the newly-digitised collection of Theban Tomb tracings made by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies during the early 20th Century by the Griffith Institute, Oxford. This is an indispensable resource for those studying the Theban necropolis; a plan of the tomb and copies of the traced wall decorations are provided where available for 73 tombs which the Davies' recorded. My personal favourite is the tomb of Sennefer (TT96), Mayor of the Southern City during the reign of Amenhotep II.

The tracings are cross-referenced with Porter and Moss' 'Topographical Bibliography' and it is possible to buy high-resolution images from the Griffith Institute on request. By preserving these unique images and making them freely available this site will significantly aid both relevant Egyptological research and those curious in the subject.

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