Saturday, 17 March 2012

From Egypt's Sands to Northern Hills - Thank You Blackburn!

The second leg of the 'From Egypt's Sands to Northern Hills' touring exhibition on John Garstang's excavations in Egypt has just closed at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, and the objects are due to be unveiled on their third leg at Towneley Hall, Burnley on March 24th, where they will remain until June 28th.

The exhibition has been very well received on the first and second legs at Kendal and Blackburn respectively, and we look forward to seeing the exhibition in its stunning new venue at Burnley. Any feedback from visitors to the exhibition so far would be gladly received. 


  1. Hi Anna
    Last Friday I guided a group of 25 children and 3 teachers from year 4 at St Peter and St Paul's school Rishton around the exhibition. In fact we were the last to see it at Blackburn as they started to take it down before we were out of the building.
    What made the greatest impression on the children was the objects that you could look at and also see the photographs of them as they were found. They thought that was amazing.
    They also loved the face masks and were really interested when I explained the possible reasons why there was such a difference in the sizes.
    Although the school is quite near to Blackburn they had not heard of John Garstang and didnt know about the exhibition.

  2. I'm really glad to hear that the school children enjoyed the exhibition Michael, especially the links between the archive images and the objects. It's good to see that the local schools are learning a little more about the Blackburn link with Garstang!


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