Saturday, 6 November 2010

Website of the Week #4: The Epigraphic Survey

For this week's 'Website of the Week' I have chosen the homepage of the Epigraphic Survey of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute. I have a particular interest in the work of the Epigraphic Survey, directed by Dr. W. R. Johnson, as they are currently involved in the documentation and conservation of Luxor Temple, constructed primarily by Amenhotep III

The Epigraphic Survey, based at Chicago House, Luxor, has worked in Egypt since 1924 to record the scenes and inscriptions preserved on the ancient monuments to a very high standard; a technique known as the "Chicago House Method". Many of the OI publications are also available as free PDF downloads from the site, including the Medinet Habu volumes. I'm sure many of you are already very familiar with the work of the Chicago team, but do visit the website again to view their 2009-10 field season report and a selection of  associated photographic portfolios containing high-quality images of sites in Egypt, including Gebel es-Silsilah and the temples in Luxor.

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