Thursday, 25 November 2010

Website of the Week #6: The World of Beatrix Potter

For this week's 'Website of the Week' I've chosen the homepage of the 'World of Beatrix Potter' as something a little bit different! I've been fascinated with the life and history of Beatrix Potter since I was a child, and this website is a lovely starting point for anyone interested in 'Miss Potter' and her little books; the most famous of course being 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'. In fact, there is an Egyptological link here: a copy of Peter Rabbit in hieroglyphs was published by the British Museum Press!

The website contains information and images of Beatrix's artwork, including her famous paintings and drawings of animals and plants, and landscape paintings of the Lake District. Some of her childhood sketches have also been reproduced, which allows the visitor to trace the development of her artwork over the course of her life. There are also a large selection of printable downloads, including a wallpaper calendar and a relevant map of the Lake District. Do take a look, and hopefully this will prompt you to revisit the books of Peter Rabbit and perhaps even visit Beatrix Potter's house at Hill Top, Hawkshead, which is currently in the care of the National Trust. 

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Yan Tan Tethera: A rhyme derived from a Brythonic Celtic language used by shepherds to keep sheep in many parts of England and Southern Scotland.

Until the Industrial Revolution, the use of traditional number systems was common among shepherds, especially in the Dales of the Lake District.

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